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About the Company


The mission of Smarter Research is to provide high quality research, program evaluation, peer-review, and career guidance services.  Whether you are interested in a short consultation or a long-term relationship, Smarter Research can create a customized package to suit your needs.

We use the following principles in all of our work:

Scientific Method – Whether conducting a randomized controlled trial or evaluating a new program, we follow the basic principles of the scientific method, and we never assume an answer prior to asking the question.

Measurable – Properly answering a research question requires selecting the best measures and the best data available.

Appropriate – A single research design cannot answer all research questions.  We use the research design that is most appropriate for your question, whether experimental, quasi-experimental, or observational.

Realistic – Research and evaluation always works with a finite number of resources.  We strive for efficiency at every stage of a project but are also realistic about the project deliverables.

Time-bound – All studies, evaluations, and deliverables should be completed in a timely manner.

Ethical – All work is done according to the highest ethical standards.

Recorded – Research and evaluation should be conducted to inform and improve the lives of the public.  Positive results can be celebrated while negative results can be a learning experience.