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Data Analysis


Data collection is often times hard, lengthy, and resource intensive, and you should get as much information out of your data as possible.  Big data or small, qualitative or quantitative, simple or complex, we are here to help.

We can help you with…

  • Qualitative data analysis
    • From simple content analyses to implementing Grounded Theory
  • Simple descriptive analyses
    • Sometimes, we only need to examine a chart or graph to see a trend over time or perform a simple comparison between 2 groups.
  • Intermediate statistical tests
    • Whether ANOVA, ANCOVA, or regression, see if your independent variables have their hypothesized effect after adjusting for your covariates.
  • Advanced statistical tests
    • General Linear Mixed Models (GLMMs), for when you have multiple, un-ordered, measurements of your dependent variables.
    • Multi-level modeling,  for when your subjects are clustered into different neighborhoods, classrooms, or work spaces.
    • Growth curve analysis, for when you have multiple, sequential measurements of your dependent variables.
    • Path analysis, for when you want to connect multiple variables in a row (e.g. X causes Y causes Z)
    • Structural equation modeling, for when you take multiple measurements of the same construct in different ways.
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