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Writing and Peer-Review


When data is generated, we should report it.  Or present it.  Or make it public in some way.  We provide a full range of writing options for…

  • Academic journals
    • Publishing in a peer-reviewed journal is a crowning, and often necessary, achievement in academia, but success often requires writing the right article for the right journal at the right time.
  • Reports
    • Typically produced by governmental and non-governmental organizations alike, reports are a vital medium to relay our findings to the public.  This “grey literature” is necessary to fill in gaps left by academic journals.
  • Posters
    • Poster presentations are a great way to discuss our research and network with colleagues.  Graphic-based posters can grab other’s attention and help start important conversations.
  • Powerpoint Presentations
    • Too many presentations are either under- or over-formatted.  You either can’t read the text or there is too much.  A balanced presentation informs and entertains your audience.

If you have already written your article or report, you may want another set of eyes to review the paper prior to submitting it to a journal, funder, or conference.  We will peer-review articles, reports, posters, presentations, grants, and any other document for…

  • Relevant synthesis of related research
  • Sound description of the research design
  • Detailed account of the data analysis
  • Accurate portrayal of the results
  • Appropriate conclusions based on the data
  • Spelling and grammar
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